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Social networks have dramatically increased the number of online conversations and have also become the main source of information for citizens.
Sometimes, however, social networks spread not verified or well-founded news, often creating confusion.
In emergency situations and civil protection it is necessary to have a single source, reliable, with a serious fact-checking, active 24 hours a day and with many years of valuable –also technological-  experience behind.
To achieve this result, you need people who know the emergency and urgency communication techniques , capable of  handling  multiple information channels so to be a unique and sure reference for citizens.
To achieve credibility you must be always active, constantly working – not only during emergencies situations.
For all these reasons, the project Emergenza24 was born.

The project

Emergenza24 is a collective service through social networks and a platform which  collects, evaluates and publishes correct and qualified information and facts in emergency situations.
It has a sophisticated communications protocol that allows to automate and verify them. All news has a timetable and a precise geolocation.
The project is not related to political, religious or other organizations;  it has no sponsor and the site does not allow advertising.
Emergenza24 want to test digital technologies and social networks to spread a correct information and to direct citizens to recognized organizations and associations.
It is  a valuable tool for groups of civil protection, associations, voluntary organizations, bloggers, news agencies, newspapers, TV and radio.
We have a worldwide network of correspondents, able to communicate reliably information, news  through images and video.
Emergenza24 is based in Italy but works globally  with thousands of contributors.

In case of emergency

In case of emergency a number of channels are activated: the Internet portal which is updated real-time, Twitter, Facebook and a live audio / video to support the most difficult situations.
We always verify the sources directly through our database (prefectures, municipalities, fire departments, county police, etc.) and we show, always quoting the source, images and videos sent by our correspondents.
At the same time reports and bulletins are issued to the organs of information with all the news precisely verified.

Who we are

We are a group  of people with different backgrounds in engineering, geology, civil protection and GIS contributing to this project.
The team is not permanent, but increases day to day depending on new opportunities.
Anyone can request to collaborate on the project.
We also work with bloggers, journalists and users who help us to spread the news on the web. We have a technical committee and a scientific one.

Information on the rights of texts, images, videos and infographics

Emergenza24 publics and republishes the subjects  of social networks respecting the rights of authors and by observing the rules of sharing provided for IP licensing in the EULA of various social networks.
Images are tagged (labeled) with the address or name of the person who has just published it, so to protect IP licensing.
It is not possible for us to go back to any proprietor of rights or those who claim to be.
If someone has published under his own name a content which is your intellectual property, you  must  contact him directly.



Press office and web press office: Francesca Anzalone / francesca.anzalone [at] netlifesrl.it

Newsroom:  info [at] emergenza24.org